Mateus' Site

A place to see animations, games, science, art in general, phylosophy and a bit more.


An artist? A scientist? A philosopher? A joker? A musician? A poet? A writer? A programmer? Yakissoba?

It is easy to define myself. I am Mateus, a curly haired guy who uses glasses and likes art, science and talking in general. Or better: I’m a psychologist-animator-musician-poet-writer-programmer-designer-generalartist-generalscientist. I like to do what I can do. Ah, and this site is to give a taste of what I like to do and show what I am capable of.

You might ask: “why doesn’t this guy just put one or another thing that he does?” Because this is not a curriculum, it is a personal site. If I finish a hard puzzle and be happy about it I can post on the blog. If I want to post a “lorem ipsum” every week I post it. Of course, maintaining the professionalism of who is sending this site to who can hire me, present me to hire or - who knows - at least be a little more happy visiting this place.

Be free to se what I can show and, if you will, you can also contact me to talk. Enjoy the idea!